Being able to hear something and play it might be the most valuable skill you can have when it comes to music.  I have found that if you take that one step further and notate what you hear, it can enrich your playing in ways that you don't even realize.  Notating what you've learned by ear takes something abstract and makes it quantifiable.  You can analyze pieces of music much easier.  Also, in a certain sense, transcribing is a lesson in sight reading since you have to figure out the most coherent way of expressing what you hear.

I'm constantly learning tons of different music for various gigs, for concepts, or just for fun.  Here is some of my work.  I will continuously be updating this page and the Spotify playlist.  Feel free to treat these transcriptions as analytical references, sight reading exercises, or comparisons for your own transcriptions.  Lastly, I'd like to say that you should transcribe as much as possible.  I'm making my work available for you but at the end of the day I've already gained more out of all of these than any of you will.  The value is in the process.  Good luck!